Are you stumped about what to give your colleagues this holiday season?

Doing an internet search about “gifts for lawyers” brings up any number of tacky ideas, such as a wooden gavel (how original), a(nother) statue of Lady Justice, or any number of items with the scales of justice printed on it (cufflinks, socks, jewelry, whiskey glasses, yada, yada, yada).

Here are a few ideas that we think your colleagues would actually enjoy.

Gift cards for services

Normally, we wouldn’t recommend gift cards – they’re appreciated, but they lack warmth or the feeling that the giver put any thought into it. But when it’s a gift card that will provide a much-needed service to a crazy busy attorney, that’s a gift that delivers. What we suggest:

Hello Fresh Meal Delivery: For $60, Hello Fresh will deliver everything needed to cook three meals for two people: six meals total. They offer Classic, Vegetarian or Family-style meals, all made to be cooked in under 30 minutes.

Tidy House Cleaning Services: Tidy refers to their staff as “homekeepers,” because they are professionals who are background-checked, and certified. They all speak English and are legal residents. Not only that, but they use green products that are non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. Tidy serves homes in 22 states.

SpaFinder Gift Card: SpaFinder allows your recipient to use the gift card at a participating spa near them on whatever service they choose, from a massage to a facial to a manicure or body wrap.

Tech that makes their lives easier

This Foldable Bluetooth Keypad is great for the lawyer on the go. Typing on tablets or smartphones can be a pain. An actual QWERTY keyboard is much easier when you need to write something longer than a paragraph. It’s housed in sturdy aluminum, and is lightweight and compact – it folds down to 3 x 5 inches. You can use it with a computer, a tablet, and a phone – all at once, if you want to!

With all the tech that’s become part of our modern lives, everyone can use a portable power source. Anker brand power banks and chargers are some of the best, and they have them in almost every price range.

If you colleague likes music (who doesn’t?), or listens to podcasts or audio books at home or in the office, a good-quality Bluetooth speaker is a great gift idea. Even if they already have one, they will probably appreciate having another to use in a different room or office. If you want to go super-high-end, the best of the best is the Sonos Move, at a hefty $399. The Bose Soundlink is also a good choice, at half the price. Other nice options:
For lawyers who travel frequently, a travel garment steamer can them help create the best impression while avoiding constant hotel dry-cleaning bills. Our favorite is the OXA Smart 1000W Ultra-Compact Handheld Garment Steamer, which runs between $19 - $25. It’s not easy to find, but currently you can buy two for $36 at Alibaba (shipping from China, of course). A close runner-up is the more available Hilife steamer at $24.99.

If your colleague does a lot of interviews, depositions, or other voice recordings, this stereo microphone brings much better sound quality to an iPhone or iPad recording.

Every lawyer needs a good cross-cut paper shredder. Don’t ask why. It’s better if you don’t know.

Another thought is a robot vacuum. Most of these are in the over $500 range, but the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac gets good reviews (from PCmag and Consumer Reports, to name a few) at only around $250, if that’s in your budget. (Possibly a gift for yourself?)

Finally, the Instant Pot is on many wish lists this year, so that’s worth considering. It’s an alternate to the meal service, because you can use it to make almost anything in 10 minutes (give or take).

Clothes & accessories

Clothing can be tricky, but these Suit Pajamas are more of a novelty for that lawyer who wouldn’t be caught dead without a tie.

Accessories are always easier: A nice Kenneth Cole Reaction Messenger Bag makes a fashionable alternative to a briefcase for either men or women.

This fun Law Suit Hanger is also something of a novelty item, but it will be used!

Another gift idea for lawyers is a scarf or tie printed with the U.S. Constitution. Sure, this is a bit more like the typical “lawyer gift,” but I’ll bet they’ll still like it. We thought this Constitution Scarf and this Constitution Tie were pretty classy.

Combination gifts

If you know something about the attorney’s interests, pull together a combination of items to create a kit they’ll especially appreciate. For example:

Their favorite cocktail

Buy a nice cocktail shaker with ingredients for their favorite cocktail: gin, vodka, lime juice, bitters, etc.

Their favorite team

Buy them tickets to a sporting event with a hat, scarf or other novelty item featuring that team.

Combine a gift card with a fun tchotchke

As we mentioned above, gift cards are somewhat uninspired. But if you pair it with an inexpensive, fun/useful item, it shows that you put a bit of thought into it. Here are some ideas:
  • Dinner and a movie: a gift card to a local restaurant and movie passes to a nearby theater
  • Novelty socks with a Zappos gift card
  • This book with an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card
  • Cocktail in a Box with a BevMo or Total Wine and More gift card - or a bottle of the liquor needed to make it
  • Any gift card inside the Disappearing Civil Liberties mug or Great Supreme Court Cases mug, both from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (Who wouldn't want a  gift from a store called "The Unemployed Philosophers Guild"?)
We hope we’ve made your holiday gift-giving just a bit easier this year! If you have some ideas to share, please comment below.

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