We were proud to sponsor the blackjack table at the Elder Law & Disability Rights Center’s recent Casino Night Fundraiser! More than 150 people attended the October 10, 2019 event, held at Advanced Depositions in Irvine to raise money for a great cause.

In our fast-paced, winner-takes-all society, too often we see vulnerable people ignored, neglected and abused. The fastest-growing segments of the most vulnerable in our society are senior citizens, individuals with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness. People in these precarious situations don’t have a political lobby. They seldom have the means to defend themselves against those who would take advantage of them. They are, in essence, voiceless.

Enter the Elder Law & Disability Rights (ELDR) Center in Santa Ana, California. This non-profit speaks for them by providing them, and their families, with free and low-cost legal services and education. ELDR keeps them from falling through the gaps in the justice system. They give these people a voice, so they can live with dignity and independence.

ELDR is also committed to protecting people experiencing homelessness in Orange County. Criminalizing actions like sleeping and sitting in public, or even giving food to someone on the street perpetuates the cycle of homelessness. ELDR has taken government entities to court to force them to find better, more sustainable solutions. They also do their part to create these solutions. ELDR works to provide housing, emergency shelters, and transitional options for those experiencing homelessness.

Brooke Weitzman, Directing Attorney and Co-Founder of Elder Law & Disability Rights Center, said, “We are incredibly grateful to supporters like LawWorks and Advanced Depositions whose support makes this event possible. The ELDR Center can't wait to partner with LawWorks to increase access to justice over the coming year!”

We can’t wait, either. LawWorks was thrilled to be part of the fun at ELDR’s Ante Up Casino Night. Not to brag, but our table was constantly full. Everyone had an amazing time supporting an amazing cause! Who could ask for more?


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