A lot of legal work requires intense concentration and focus, plus access to important tools and resources. The perfect workspace for lawyers has quiet rooms to meet with clients or buckle down and tackle paperwork, as well as readily-available computers, printers, and refillable coffee.

It can be tough to find a good environment to get your law work done, particularly if you are an up-and-coming lawyer and don’t already have a private office. A co-working space like LawWorks could be just what you need; read on to learn more.

What Makes a Good Workspace for Lawyers?

Lawyers need a lot of resources, space, and privacy in order to complete their work and provide their services to their clients as expected. With that in mind, a stellar workspace for lawyers will include:

  • Ample office space, including conference rooms. Conference rooms give lawyers the ability to invite clients out for face-to-face meetings, which is almost always necessary
  • Phones, fax machines, document scanners, and printers. All of these tools comprise the fundamental resources for lawyers, as lawyers deal with lots of paperwork and have to make many different phone calls each day
  • Computers, software, and 24/7 Internet access. Naturally, a lot of lawyering work takes place on the web these days, whether it’s collaborating with other professionals or clients or sending vital documents from place to place. A good workspace for lawyers will include easy computer access
  • Coffee and snack access. Lawyering is hard work, and it’s important to remain fueled up at all times! Therefore, any stellar workspace for lawyers will include access to a fresh, hot pot of coffee as often as possible, plus snacks like granola bars and more

If you’re a new lawyer, you might not own your own office space, which you can set up to include all of these features. If only there was a co-working space that had all of these elements and more.

Lawyer-Focused Co-Working Spaces at LawWorks

Turns out, there is at LawWorks. In fact, our co-working spaces are designed for legal professionals like you right from the get-go.

Our co-working spaces have:

  • Conference rooms, which can be reserved ahead of time
  • Fax machines, scanners, printers, and much more, all ready to be used
  • A snack bar and fully stocked kitchen, which you can take advantage of when you need a fresh cup of coffee
  • Computers and basic software suites so you always have what you need to get the job done
  • Lounges and plenty of workspaces so you can switch up your office space each and every day if you so choose

More importantly, our co-working spaces are also filled with other legal professionals. That way, you don’t need to worry about having to share your working space with artists, graphic designers, developers, or other workers who may not know exactly what you need or the workspace you need to cultivate.

As one of the only lawyer-focused co-working space providers in the industry, LawWorks is dedicated to providing legal professionals like you with exactly what they need to thrive under any caseload. 

Our Benefits for Lawyers Like You

The members of LawWorks enjoy several serious benefits that you could immediately experience when you join our co-working club.

For example, we not only offer professional and quiet workspaces, including conference rooms, but we also host networking events and social growth opportunities. You can build a referral network or take advantage of invitations to legal-related events taking place throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

From time to time, speakers come to LawWorks’s co-working spaces to break down how to grow your client leads, how to network effectively, and much more. Sometimes, we host more casual social events. You and other LawWorks members can hang out, play games, get to know each other, and strike up professional partnerships that will last you for a long time to come.

When you join LawWorks, you don’t just get quiet space to do work. You join a community that could make all the difference, especially if you are a new or solo lawyer.

What About Privacy and Security?

If you’re worried about keeping your documents private or meeting with your clients without crucial information getting out, don’t. At LawWorks, we take legal security and privacy seriously, so we provide our members with all the tools they need to have them when needed.

For example, when you reserve one of our conference rooms, you reserve it privately. So long as you have the conference room booked under a specific time block, you don’t need to worry about anyone coming into the conference room or demanding space that you already reserved. You can meet with clients, fellow lawyers, and any other people you need to.

Furthermore, LawWorks’s co-working spaces come with soundproof phone booths. If you need to make a sensitive call and ensure that attorney-client privilege isn’t violated by accident, you can use one of these phone booths and make the crucial calls you need to whenever it’s necessary. Our offices include landline phones, but you can also use your personal cell phone to make those calls so long as you are within one of the booths.

Plus, as a restricted co-working space, only LawWorks members can get access to our facilities. There’s no need to worry about someone coming in from the street and accidentally stumbling on vital documents! Our Wi-Fi is totally secure, too – you can use it to send documents over the Internet.

Maximize Productivity with a Lawyer-Focused Co-Working Space

Your previous experiences with co-working spaces might have turned you off to the idea, but LawWorks is different. We’re committed to providing the best workspace possible for lawyers just like you, which is why we offer so many important amenities, meeting rooms, and quiet areas where you can put your nose to the grindstone.

At LawWorks, we strive to create professional, productive places where lawyers can work alone or with fellow legal professionals. When you join our network, you’ll get access to several co-working spaces and all the resources you need to master your workload. Try LawWorks today!

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