Maintaining a good work-life balance is crucial for every profession, but especially for lawyers. After all, lawyering is renowned as a stressful and time-intensive job. It’s easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day routine of your job and the details of each case you undertake.

That’s why some of the best lawyering co-working spaces, like LawWorks, provide wellness and community engagement opportunities to foster a better work-life balance for you and all of our members. Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Work-Life Balance?

A "work-life balance" is sometimes thought of as an impossible achievement, especially for hard-working professionals like lawyers! In a nutshell, a good work-life balance means having the time and energy to focus on personal development and recreation in addition to pursuing your professional goals.

For example, if you work 80 hours a week and barely have time to eat and sleep after tackling your legal work, you don’t have a great work-life balance. On the flip side, if you barely work 30 hours per week and don't really progress in your career, you don’t have a good work-life balance either.

A strong work-life balance balances both sides of your life, resulting in a holistic, wholesome life experience overall. Individuals with good work-life balances are more satisfied, feel better about their career trajectories, and also feel like their work is more worthwhile. After all, all the money they make from their lawyering efforts can be used for hobbies, their families, and much more!

Fortunately, there are ways to strike up and maintain a good work-life balance as a lawyer by participating in a co-working environment like LawWorks.

Improving Wellness at a Co-Working Space

That’s because LawWorks doesn’t just provide you with the tools and conference rooms you need to get your work done on time and to the satisfaction of your clients. We also prioritize the wellness of our members, which is why we offer quiet workspaces and various amenities, like a fully stocked kitchen.

More importantly, we post more informal social events where all of our members can hang out, play games, and get to know each other as people. This time off is vital for many up-and-coming lawyers who may not have after-office cocktail parties to visit when the workday is done, but who still want to hang out with other lawyers after accomplishing each day’s work.

These social events help us improve the wellness of each of our members, giving them something to look forward to aside from more opportunities to put their noses to the proverbial grindstones. Indeed, regular social events have already led to the formation of many legal partnerships.

If you are a solo lawyer working at LawWorks, you won’t just make friends and have a good time. You might also find fellow collaborators with whom you can start a law firm in the future!

Joining an Engaging Community Through Co-Working

More importantly, LawWorks’s co-working community is a vital means to pursue a better work-life balance as a practicing legal professional. That’s because we give you the opportunity to join a variety of community events and networking opportunities.

By default, of course, you can work with other local lawyers and law firms just by joining our co-working spaces. However, we also host legal professionals and experts who come to our co-working environments from time to time.

These events include professionals who come in, give presentations, and answer questions from the audience. In the past, our events have covered topics like networking, marketing as a lawyer, how to grow a referral partner network, and much more.

By focusing on the learning and community side of things, your work-life balance will be even better. You won’t just be a lawyer in a professional sense – your industry network will also be full of mentors, friends, peers, acquaintances, and so on.

Being a part of an engaging, inviting community is crucial for a good work-life balance and strong mental health. If you want to be the best lawyer possible, you’ll need to become a member of such a community!

Invites to Events Outside LawWorks

Not only that, but LawWorks also regularly provides our members with invitations to events outside our co-working offices. These special events are always related to the legal profession and take place at a variety of locations throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

For example, you might be able to attend a seminar about lawyer tricks or how to acquire clients as a new legal professional. Alternatively, you might be invited to a party at the end of the year for lawyers and other legal professionals, where you can finally let your hair down, relax, and enjoy some time off with your friends that you made in a co-working space.

It’s important to remember to set aside some time for rest, recreation, and relaxation. Without this crucial time, you may eventually face burnout and find that it’s much harder for you to complete your legal work on time and as productively as possible. Giving yourself a bit of time to recharge is part of good lawyering, as no lawyer can do what’s right for their clients if they are constantly overstressed and don’t have enough time to relax and enjoy life outside of the workplace.

LawWorks Helps Lawyers Maintain a Good Work-Life Balance

At LawWorks, we know that successful lawyers like you don’t just need tools and conference rooms. You also need resources to maintain a steady work-life balance and good mental health. That's why we provide the amenities we do and why we focus on community engagement events very frequently.

In fact, when you sign up for LawWorks, you’ll be able to participate in seminars, educational events, networking meetings, and law-related events that take place throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. When you need a co-working space that takes care of you professionally and mentally, there’s no place better than LawWorks; sign up for our co-working spaces today.

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