A law firm is more than its head partners. It’s also the community and network of passionate individuals who keep the legal gears turning and ensure that every client’s case is handled properly and professionally. When it comes to building a strong legal community at your law firm, a co-working space like LawWorks could be just the ticket. Not only can a co-working space offer new collaboration opportunities, but it may also yield networking benefits. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Do Networking and Collaboration Matter for Lawyers?

Networking and collaboration matter a great deal for lawyers, as you likely already know. As the old saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know that determines your overall success.

For lawyers specifically, networking matters because:

  • It affects how many clients you get in the overall scale of your clientele. More networking means more clients, which means more money in your law firm's bank account
  • It determines what legal resources and partnerships you can draw upon when needed. Nothing’s better than having a fellow legal professional within reach if you have a question or need advice about a case (without violating confidentiality, of course)
  • It enables you to learn more quickly, which is a particularly important benefit for new lawyers or those just at the beginning of their careers

What if you’re a new lawyer and working by yourself? As a solo legal professional, even a minor caseload can feel daunting. Having collaborators or partners to work with can be the start of a new firm or long-term partnership, or just important help for short-term projects.

In any case, networking and collaboration are crucial for your workspace: another big reason why LawWorks is such an important place and workspace resource for legal professionals like you.

How Can a Co-Working Space Assist with Networking?

Truth be told, a co-working space can assist with networking in a variety of ways.

Of course, co-working spaces are by definition shared with other people. But when you choose a lawyer-specific co-working space like LawWorks, you’ll know that the other people in the building are also legal professionals, rather than other types of workers like software developers, writers, and so on.

A co-working space can assist with networking by:

  • Giving you a chance to meet other legal professionals, like other solo lawyers
  • Making it easier for you to ask for assistance when you need it
  • Giving you the tools needed to host meetings with clients, fellow lawyers, or other professionals

Many solo lawyers struggle with networking simply because they don’t have a lot of time to meet and work with others in their field. Through a shared co-working space with other lawyers, that difficulty is immediately diminished.

In the long term, better networking means better industry connections and more opportunities to work with other lawyers who may be interested in starting a law firm or other partnership with you.

Collaboration Benefits from Co-Working Spaces

Indeed, co-working spaces like LawWorks can provide lots of key collaboration benefits. For example:

  • If you work with another lawyer consistently over several weeks, you and that other lawyer can help each other on your cases, provide advice, and so on. That’s an invaluable benefit, especially if you just finished law school
  • Co-working spaces give you the tools you need to join small legal groups, like access to computers and conference rooms, when you would otherwise have to purchase that stuff or rent it expensively yourself
  • Co-working spaces give you the room to collaborate with others. It’s tough to collaborate with other legal professionals in a cramped apartment or other office space you’ve already rented. With a co-working space like LawWorks, you and your collaborators can immediately get access to private conference rooms, soundproof phone booths, and anything else you need to tackle big projects and major caseloads

How to Maximize Networking and Collaboration Through Co-Working Spaces

There are lots of ways in which you can maximize your networking and collaboration using co-working spaces.

As an example, you might meet up with fellow legal professionals working on similar cases in your area at a co-working space. Once there, you can introduce yourselves, exchange business cards, and provide assistance depending on what’s needed.

However, co-working spaces like LawWorks provide additional benefits in the form of dedicated networking events and special law-related conferences. At LawWorks, we host a variety of regular events and legal conferences, many of which take place in Los Angeles or throughout Orange County. Others take place right at our co-working offices.

In either type of instance, you can meet other professionals, listen to experts in the field and take their advice, and grow your overall professional knowledge all at the same time. Over the history of our organization, we had many speakers talk about how to grow referral partner networks, how to grow client leads, and how to network with other law professionals in your area.

It isn’t all work and no play, of course. LawWorks also holds special social events; at these events, members can hang out, get to know each other, and form friendships that may last a lifetime. All this is absolutely vital if you want to grow your professional network sooner rather than later.

LawWorks Helps You Build Professional Networks

Ultimately, LawWorks is the go-to co-working space for law firms just like yours, and there are lots of good reasons for this. Our professional, quiet conference rooms and other working spaces are perfect for giving you and fellow legal professionals the space and resources you need to thrive.

More importantly, we host a variety of strong immunity and social events. Members of LawWorks can get to know each other, work on cases together, and talk about the profession: a big benefit if you're a lawyer who works by themselves. From time to time, we even host events and seminars where professionals share their expertise on lawyering.

With LawWorks, you can build up your network of professional contacts and collaborate with fellow lawyers easier than ever. Consider trying LawWorks today

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