Coworking is taking the United States by storm, and true to the American spirit, coworking spaces are becoming more unique and creative by the day. American workers exist along the whole spectrum of the human experience, so it’s no wonder the coworking spaces are starting to do the same.

Here are nine unique coworking spaces in the United States. Of course, this is just a sample. The American spirit is alive and well in the coworking movement.

1. Workspace for EcoWarriors

Green Spaces - Denver & Winter Park Colorado

True to its name, Green Spaces is a coworking community for those who want to reduce their environmental impact, and raise awareness of their social impact. In Colorado, there are Green Spaces offices in the heart of Denver's River North (RiNo) Arts District, and in the mountains in Winter Park.

Green Spaces’ goal is zero waste and maximum sustainability. They are certified green by Certifiably Green Denver, a local business program for those that meet environmental standards in the sourcing of materials and electricity, and the management of waste and water. The RiNo location houses more than 160 solar panels to offset energy use, and both spaces were designed with repurposed and recycled materials.

The dog-friendly company also hosts numerous events that focus on the local community, environmental issues, sustainability and wellness.

2. Workspace for Women Supporting Women

Hera Hub - California (Carlsbad, Irvine, Mission Valley, Sorrento Valley, Temecula), Washington D.C., Phoenix, Arizona & Sweden

A spa-inspired coworking and shared office space for women, Hera Hub seeks to provide female entrepreneurs the support they need to succeed. Their goal is to help more than 20,000 female entrepreneurs by the end of 2020 to launch and grow a business. To achieve that goal, they are focused on building a strong, collaborative community to support women, and providing beautiful work space to inspire them.

Their spaces feature art, live plants, aromatic candles, spa-like music and running water, and a variety of different types of seating and working arrangements.

Their masthead is Hera, the ancient Greek Goddess who was believed to accompany a woman throughout her life to protect her, and provide contentment and financial security. For Hera Hub founders and members, she affirms the innate wisdom and strength of women.

3. Workspace for New York Residents Who Miss Life on the Farm

The Farm - Manhattan, New York

The founders of The Farm wanted to build a workspace that didn’t feel like work. So they found a hundred-year-old barn in Missouri, and transported it, piece by piece to the ultra-hip SoHo district in Manhattan. They reassembled it there to create a fresh, rustic, organic, and down-to-earth workspace.

The Farm is literally a breath of fresh air in the middle of an urban jungle.

Since then, there are two more workspaces on The Farm in Manhattan: SoHo East, and North of Madison Square Park (NoMad). Workspace features include bleachers, a fireplace, a rooftop event space in NoLita (North of Little Italy), a library, and a Chill-Out Area if you need a nap. It’s dog-friendly, too.

4. Workspace for Corporate (Rock) Climbers

Brooklyn Boulders Active Collaborative Workspace (ACW) - Somerville, Massachusetts, Queensville, New York, and Chicago, Illinois

Brooklyn Boulders founder believes that physical activity boosts productivity, so he created a workspace that deliberately blurs the lines between work and play.

More than a rock-climbing gym, the original Brooklyn Boulders facilities offer fitness and exercise classes, host community events, and support local artists. Now, three of its locations feature an active coworking space at the top of the climbing wall. And “active” is the operative word.

In addition to participating in rock-climbing and other physical activities during the work day, members will find standing desks equipped with pull-up bars, and standard-level desks where they can sit on balance balls instead of office chairs.

5. Workspace for Those Who Work When They’re Not Skiing

The Mountain Lab - Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe's only coworking space answers the question, “When I’m on my ski trip, do I want to be on the mountain or do I want to take care of that urgent, high-stakes business issue?” At Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, you can do both.
When you purchase a lift ticket along with a Mountain Lab pass, you have access to the 800-square food “ski-in, ski-out” coworking space, at the top of the California Tram.

The resort is right on the California-Nevada border, and the Mountain Lab is in their Lakeview Lodge. It’s another great space to find balance by combining work and play.

6. Workspace for Writers Who Occasionally Like to Engage with Other Humans

Paragraph: Workspace for Writers - Brooklyn & Manhattan, New York

The writer of this blog post can attest that writers often need a quiet place to work where no one will bother them. And they sometimes need the creative stimulation of connecting with other people.

Paragraph in New York provides for both needs, and more. Both Manhattan and Brooklyn locations are both on the top floors of buildings, one near Union Square and the other in Williamsburg near McCarren Park. They both have soundproof walls for a completely quiet writing space. There are also books, periodicals, and other reading materials. Did I mention books?

They also host writing workshops that are discounted for members, roundtables, salons and other writing-related events. They boast an active community and network of alumni, and offer editorial services. Most importantly, chocolate and candy is freely provided. And also, there are books.

7. Workspace for Toddler Parents Who Can’t Take Another Episode of Paw Patrol

The Inc. (Green Lake) - Seattle, Washington

For parents with preschool-age children, working from home seems like a perfect solution. It turns out that toddlers are a lot of work. The Inc. is a non-profit workspace for working parents that combines coworking with child care for kids between one and five years old.

There’s coworking room for adults to work while their children are being watched by staff. Children ages 2.5 years and up can attend preschool. There is also a play/work room where parents can work while their kids play under their own supervision, which provides a nice change of environment for both parents and toddlers.

The Inc. is open weekdays from 9 a.m.–1 p.m., offering entrepreneur-parents in Seattle the priceless gift of four uninterrupted hours of work per day for a surprisingly low quarterly price.

8. Workspace for Military Vets Reacclimating to Civilian Life

Landing Zone - New Orleans, Louisiana

The Landing Zone (LZ NOLA) is a shared workspace that welcomes both veterans and civilians to collaborate and support each other’s entrepreneurial efforts and goals.

A central business hub and social gathering place, LZ NOLA provides business services like legal support and digital media training. They are also allied with the non-profit VetLaunch accelerator program and a network of mentors to help New Orleans military veterans create profitable companies.

The Landing Zone is housed in a historic 20,000-square-foot warehouse in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District. The renovation project for the building used a team that provided work to homeless veterans. The building features a 3,500-square-foot gym and many other amenities to help both civilian and veteran entrepreneurs the structure and resources they need to thrive.

9. Workspace for Lawyers Who Don't Mind Working with Other Lawyers

LawWorks - Irvine, California

LawWorks is a membership-only community workspace designed by and for lawyers.Beyond the open-design physical workspace and professional services, LawWorks offers members a collaborative network of legal professionals and standing invitations to private events and programs to fulfill Minimum Continuing Legal Education requirements.

Poonam Patel, the President and Founder of LawWorks, said, “Lawyers today need a better way to practice: one that includes better work-life balance, more flexibility and mobility, and a community with other like-minded attorneys. By bringing all that together in one inspired space, LawWorks is revolutionizing the traditional notion of the law office.”

If you’re a lawyer who’s interested in a new way of working, contact us at LawWorks to find out what we have to offer.

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