When people hear the words “lawyer,” or “attorney,” they typically think of people working in a high-end law office or government office. But when you’re a lawyer starting your own practice or seeking to work on a more freelance basis, you may be working from home or renting a small office space. Other freelance legal professionals – paralegals, mediators, court reporters, discovery professionals, trial or jury consultants – may be doing the same.

Working from home or renting a tiny office may have some advantages, in terms of flexibility and freedom, but there are many drawbacks also. You’re paying, in some way, for the workspace, the WiFi, the technology, and everything else. And you’re missing out on the camaraderie and knowledge sharing that people who work for larger firms typically experience daily, not to mention easy networking opportunities. It’s tough to build a network when you’re on your own.

In our prior blog post, we introduced the concept of coworking, an innovative movement that combines the freedom of working from home with the convenience of affordable office space and amenities, and a community of like-minded professionals. Coworking space occupants are self-employed individuals, start-ups, and small teams who want a flexible space that is professional when they’re meeting clients, and productive when they need to get stuff done.

LawWorks takes the coworking concept to the legal community. Our coworking space is a dynamic, engaging community of legal professionals. Working at a LawWorks space provides the kind of human connection and mutual support you ordinarily see at a major law firm – without the internal competition.

If you’ve been working on your own as a legal professional, you may be missing simple things like someone who greets you in the morning when you go to work; having some company during your coffee break, or someone to talk to at lunch. The folks at Starbucks are great, but they don’t have the legal expertise when you just want someone to talk over an idea with.

Maybe you like working from home – most of the time. But you’d love a space to work, just a few days a month, where you can build a community and network with other legal pros. It could also get you out of the house and away from all those distractions. And fast WiFi, plentiful outlets, professional meeting rooms, coffee and snack bar, printers, and other office equipment shouldn’t be taken for granted, either.

A typical coworking space offers all these benefits while allowing you to maintain your freelancing freedom.

LawWorks offers even more, including:
  • Impressive, inspired workspaces
  • Convenient location (Irvine office directly across from John Wayne airport)
  • Insanely fast WiFi connection
  • Private offices available
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Concierge staff
  • Premium refreshments
  • Exclusive networking events
  • MCLE (Minimum Continuing Legal Education)-accredited programs
  • And access to the local legal community

Interested? We’re scheduled to open our doors soon. Contact us now to get on our waiting list.

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