Ancient Greece was the birthplace of democracy and the source of some of the greatest literature, architecture, science, and philosophy in Western civilization. Central to this flourishing culture was the agora: an open public space that was the gathering place for philosophers, teachers, athletes, politicians, tradespeople, and consumers. The agora is also the inspiration behind the exciting new trend of coworking.

The challenges we face in modern-day society are unprecedented. We see economic upheaval, environmental devastation, social conflict, and cultural challenges. We also see unparalleled growth in innovation than at any other time in history. Innovation may be the catalyst that turns our societal challenges into opportunities for human growth.

Coworking is a movement that seeks to promote catalytic innovation by redefining the way people work. Inspired by the open source movement and the sharing economy, the Coworking Movement envisions an economy of innovation, accessibility, collaboration, and community.

Today, over a million people work in coworking spaces globally.

What Is Co-working?

Coworking is a shared office space situation. Two or more individuals work in the same place, but not for the same company, and not on the same projects. It’s an alternative to the traditional office that combines the freedom of working from home with the conveniences of a more typical working environment.

Coworking spaces offer affordable office space and amenities for the convenience of the individuals working there. Most coworking spaces have “hot desks,” or desks that are available on a first-come, first served basis. They feature conference rooms and smaller private meeting rooms, break areas with a kitchen offering coffee, tea and snacks, and many other perks. What is more important is that they offer individual workers gather to enjoy greater productivity and a sense of community.

The Coworking Movement is a decentralized assembly of those who ascribe to the values of the coworking concept: collaboration, community, sustainability, openness, and accessibility.

The coworking community supports:

  • cooperation vs. competition
  • mutual support vs. personal agendas
  • engaging vs. observing
  • actions vs. words
  • warmth vs. politeness
  • leaning in vs. sitting back
  • learning vs. telling
  • authenticity vs. appearance


LawWorks is a brand-new coworking space for lawyers and legal professionals.

Founded in 2019 in Irvine, California, LawWorks is more than office space. It’s a community for lawyers to build their network, meet with clients, learn from industry influencers, collaborate with colleagues, and grow their business with purpose.

Membership in LawWorks provides access to our impressive, inspired workspace, as well as private offices, phone booths,and conference rooms. We offer private networking events, MCLE-accredited classes, the latest technology, a concierge and business services. Perhaps most importantly, we have a coffee bar with local craft beer on tap during happy hour.

If you’re a legal professional interested in coworking, LawWorks is the space for you.

Whether you’re meeting with a potential new client, taking a deposition, or conducting a mediation, LawWorks is the ideal place for all your needs. With insanely fast wifi connection and all the support you need to run your practice, LawWorks has flexible options that suit your needs.

Our convenient locations offer a refreshing change of scenery, and perks like:
  • Private offices
  • Open workspace
  • Conference rooms available to rent
  • Coffee bar
  • Exclusive networking events
  • And more!

Click here to get started.

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