Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular offices for freelancers and small businesses. Many larger firms have taken advantage of the many benefits coworking spaces offer them, as well.

At LawWorks, we offer coworking spaces designed specifically for lawyers and legal professionals. It’s the perfect solution for lawyers who are starting their own business, or small teams who want a high-end office space at low-end pricing. But why would the largest law firms be interested in a coworking office space for lawyers?

Where do we start?

Our workspace may cost less than your workspace.

Many large law firms, especially those that are highly successful, have roomy, elegant offices at impressive addresses. A posh office is a great place to meet clients and attract top talent to your firm. But it’s pricey real estate.

LawWorks offices are beautiful, too, and in impressive and convenient locations, but they won’t cost you nearly as much for workspace for your associates and other staff. You can choose dedicated workspaces, hot desk access, or even rent private offices.

Our workspace is move-in ready.

Unlike a satellite office or second location for your firm, LawWorks already has everything your lawyers need: furniture, high-speed WiFi, printers, copiers, conference room availability, coffee, tea, snacks, etc.

And you don’t have to manage it. We take care of that for you.

MCLE credit opportunities for all LawWorks members.

LawWorks offers MCLE-accredited programs so all members can keep up with their Minimum Continuing Legal Education at no additional cost.

Open concept space and networking events help build community.

Professional networking and building relationships with the local legal community is vital to a successful law firm. The shared office space coworking offers allows people who work in these spaces interact with others. At LawWorks, they’re interacting with other legal professionals, in a working environment where they can learn and share connections.

Additionally, LawWorks hosts regular after-hours networking events, which are free for all members, and even a limited number of guests. Associates and partners from your firm can take advantage of these opportunities to build and maintain an active and productive legal and business network.

Access to other venues means easy expansion.

LawWorks is already working on opening other spaces, and partnering with other legal coworking companies in many other locations.

This means that lawyers who work and live in, or travel to other locations, can use those office spaces as opposed to working out of a hotel business center. When they do, they’ll be working alongside other local lawyers at a space designed to provide what they need, whether it’s a referral to a local court reporter, or information on state and local law.

This can also make it much easier on law firms who are interested in expanding into new cities or states. If you hire lawyers in locations where we have a partnership, a LawWorks membership will allow them to use our office space. This will provide a more structured workspace than working from home, with the same amenities and companionship they would find at a traditional office.

These are just a few of the ways LawWorks can help your large law firm save money, expand into new territories, develop your team and build and even bigger legal network.

If you’re a managing partner in a large law firm, contact LawWorks to find out what we can do to bring our thriving communities together.

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