As a lawyer, you didn’t go to school for marketing. You may have picked up some marketing tricks along the way, but we have one main specialty- the law.
As such, it can be a challenge to generate leads for your law practice. Everybody needs a lawyer at some point, so how can it be so hard to find new clients?
Luckily, we’ve got the article for you. If you want to generate new leads for your law firm, look no further! Read on for five tips to advertise your legal practice.

Five Excellent Methods To Start Getting Leads For Your Law Firm

When it comes to marketing, creative endeavors can be valuable. Sometimes, somebody pulls off a once-in-a-lifetime marketing stunt that brings awareness to their company or cause in a way no other method can.
However, when it comes to gaining a steady stream of reliable clients, you may want to take a more traditional route.
Here are six of the best ways to get leads for your law firm in this modern era of computers and information technology.
Google is, by far, the most significant search engine in the world. As a tech giant, this company knows how to maneuver the digital world in ways that many other people do not.
One of these ways is their Google Ads program. By setting up a strong Google Ads campaign with terms related to your legal practice, you can drive up traffic when potential clients search for legal help.
For example, if you’re a divorce lawyer and somebody searches “divorce lawyers near me” into the Google search bar, a strong Google Ads campaign can put your legal practice at the forefront of their page.
Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has a powerful advertising tool- the Pixel.
When you place a short line of code in your website header, the Meta Pixel tracks visitors to your website and sends their data back to Facebook/Meta.
The Pixel helps maintain customer information throughout your potential client’s searches, so if your client tabs out of your page, they may still get your ads.
Let’s take a closer look at what that may entail.
Sometimes, a customer may click your website and tab out for any reason.
Perhaps they had to catch a flight, their computer crashed, or they had a doctor’s appointment. Whatever the reason, it’s not too late- you can still earn their business.
The Meta Pixel helps put you at the forefront of your potential customer’s computers, placing your ads in their newsfeed or favorite websites- such as Facebook.
With an eye-catching and effective Facebook advertisement, you can drive up your lead generation exponentially.
If you’re not confident in your ability to design an effective Facebook advertisement, consider hiring an expert to design an ad for you.
“Bad leads” may be a strong term, but the ultimate point is this; you need to ensure that you are only getting viable leads.
You must weed out the inquiries from people who are not seriously interested in working with you, whether in the short or the long term.
Unfortunately, you must also weed out leads who are interested in working with you but cannot. For example, if you operate in California, the odds are not high that you’d be interested in taking a client from New York and vice versa.
Additionally, somebody may be interested in a service that you don’t provide. To ensure that you only have viable, qualifying leads, you should be prepared to ask a series of qualifying questions.
Some efficient questions to ask include the following:

What Area Are You Located In?

First, you must ensure that your leads are located in an area where you operate in. You can make this a multiple-choice question if you’d like, especially if you are part of a larger firm that operates in multiple states.
If you operate on a smaller scale, having a list of cities or general regions of your state is an excellent way to narrow your leads down to potential clients who are not a logistical issue when it comes to travel.

What Legal Matters Do You Need Help With?

Asking your potential clients about their legal matters or their case serves a dual purpose.
First, if somebody gives detailed information about their legal matters, whether it is a criminal case or a desire to craft a will, then they are serious about it and are searching for the right lawyer to assist them.
Second, having your leads clarify their legal requirements helps ensure that your potential client is asking for a service that you provide. If you are a contract lawyer and receive an inquiry for a criminal defense lawyer, you know that the matter may be outside of your skill set.

Are You Ready To Get Started With Your Legal Matters?

As a qualifier, this question is essential. If somebody answers no, you know that they may be on the fence about taking legal action.
In certain jurisdictions, you can use the information provided with a ‘no’ answer to send the potential client some information regarding their legal situation via an email list.
Over time, this action can warm up a lukewarm lead and turn them into your newest client. Once they say ‘yes,’ whether via phone call or your qualifying questions, you’re ready to close the deal.
You can use as much modern technology as you’d like, but ultimately, one of the best ways to generate leads is the old-fashioned way.
When you cater to your clients and provide good, friendly, and effective service, they will speak positively of you. If one of their friends has a similar legal issue, they may recommend you.
If they’re particularly satisfied, your clients may leave a good review of your services in one of any mediums, such as Google.
When you treat your customers with respect and the attention that they deserve, they’re the most powerful marketing tool that you could ask for.

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